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Success Stories

I am a 47 year old retired gymnast who owns a nice collection of sports equipment - "over use" is my normal use. For me pain was to be endured and not talked about. For many years I've had chronic pain in my shoulder and neck that was getting progressively worse. During a bike ride it felt like a knife was stuck between my shoulder blades. Other day to day activities began to hurt too, computer work, turning the steering wheel, washing my hair and even raising my arm to drink a beer!

Dr. Brockman has heard this story many times and quickly understood my problem. I was locked up pretty bad and had a massage before the first few adjustments to help loosen things up. After two weeks I was noticeably better. What a relief! I will always be grateful to Dr. Brockman for his professional help on providing me release from my pain.

Now during century bike rides when I see a rider in pain who is desperately trying to work out the pressure in their shoulder I say to them "Have you seen a Chiropractor lately?"

-- Laura B. 47
Mt. Horeb, WI

I have been a chronic migraine sufferer since I was a child and have used many different medications throughout the years to combat them. The most effective being an injection of Imatrex. In the past 2 ½ years my headaches have gotten worse to the point where they are either constant or last multiple days and have begun to seriously affect my life. They've gotten so serious that only a trip to Urgent Care and a shot of Demerol could relieve the pain. However, with the increased frequency and duration, this was no longer an option. In attempting to develop a treatment that works, my primary care physician has tried me no less than a dozen different medications ranging from tricyclic antidepressants to beta blockers to narcotic pain relievers. None of these worked. It has been suggested to me several times by my friends and family to see a chiropractor, I was skeptical and honestly a little afraid. Dr. Dale Brockman was fantastic!! We went over my medical history and talked about the possible treatment of such through his practice. He discussed exactly what he would do and completely put me at ease regarding the process. I agreed to come back and give it a try. When I came in for my first adjustment I had a migraine. The adjustment took 30 seconds and I was on my way. Within a half-hour, the headache was gone and so was the tension throughout my neck and back. I was elated!! I set up a follow-up appointment for the following week. In between my 2 appointments my headache did not return. Now several months later, I rarely get a migraine, but when I do it's easily treated with a couple of aspirin. The regular adjustment of my neck has proven to be incredible in regards to my migraines. Dr. Brockman has given me my life back! I'm no longer stopped cold by migraines. I can function fully again and no longer live with the fear that a headache is going to have such a lasting affect on my life.

-- Chris L. 29
Madison, WI

I have received chiropractic care for several years. My lower back is degenerative and became increasingly more debilitating to the point where it produced pain in my leg and affected the way I walked. (Like an old lady) I was ready to accept this condition as an inevitable part of the aging process. Finally, I did seek medical treatment options from an orthopedic surgeon. I was told about options ranging from physical therapy and injections to possible surgery. I asked my doctor about the Lordex method, a procedure I heard about on a radio commercial. To my surprise, my doctor told me that the Lordex System was indeed a viable option. I wasted no time in contacting Dr. Brockman about Lordex.

I have been receiving decompression and strengthening exercises from Dr. Brockman at the Lordex Institute for several weeks now. The results have been nothing short of amazing. I felt a reduction in pain after the very first treatment. At this point in treatment, I can once again walk normally and without pain. The treatments are totally relaxing and the strengthening component produces a feeling of well being. Lordex makes sense physiologically - and the results indicate that the body can restore itself with non-invasive methods. Anyone with back pain should definately consult with Dr. Brockman at the Chiro-Med and Lordex Spine Institute.

-- Stephanie C. 54
McFarland, WI

In late last July I was working around the house on a Sunday and I twisted wrong and I knew I had hurt my back. I had done this before and the pain would go away in time. The next morning I was stiff and it wasn't to bad and I went to work the next week believing that the pain would go away. That Friday I woke and turned to stretch when I received a sharp pain in my lower back shooting down my right leg. When I tried to get up the pain got worse and I was unable to stand. I made my way into work hoping it would get better. The pain stayed constant all day and I decided I needed to see someone for help. I went to a Chiropractor to try something different as trips to the regular doctor in the past had resulted in pain medications, muscle relaxants and the advice that it needed time to heal. After a week with the Chiropractor I was walking straight again but still had the constant pain in my right leg and a tingling sensation at the shin from the ankle to the knee. After a few more weeks of treatment and no improvement I was sent for an MRI to try to find the cause of the pain. The MRI showed a herniated disc in the L4, L5 area of my spine. He referred me to a neurologist who recommended back surgery as the only way to relive the pain. I went ahead and scheduled the surgery believing it was the only option I had left. As I was waiting for the day of the surgery I looked into the statistics on back surgery and was not happy as to what I had found. I was listening to the radio and heard an ad about Lordex. I called right away and was able to get in for a consultation the next day. Dr. Brockman decided I would be a good candidate for this system and set up a treatment schedule for the next week. I waited until Monday to see what the treatment would be like. After the first treatment the pain was reduced. On my way home from the treatment I called my surgeon and postponed my surgery to give Dr. Brockman and the Lordex System a chance. I am very pleased with the results of the treatment so far. The constant pain is gone. I would recommend this to anyone with lower back pain. Try it before surgery. I'm glad I did.

-- Rick S. 53
Stoughton, WI

I have had a history of back problems beginning with a disc surgery over 12 years ago. Then 5 years ago, a cement truck smashed into the rear of the van where I was sitting. That resulted in another back injury. Eventually I exhausted every possible means of ridding myself on the pain with no success. My only thoughts were that I would never be able to play softball again and go through another day without pain. Then one of my clients told me how Dr. Brockman and the Lordex procedure had taken away his lower back problems. He convinced me to give this program a try before I gave up on any relief from my pain. After 9 weeks of the treatment, the strengthening exercise and the stretching, I am now playing softball again. Better yet, I am doing it with out pain every time I swing a bat or turn to catch a popup. I am now enjoying the sport I have always loved. It has given me a much improved outlook on life. Quite simply, the procedure worked wonders for me.

-- Wayne B. 53
Oregon, WI

I've experienced back problems for about 20 years due to degenerative discs in my lower back. I attempted to cope with this ongoing problem with chiropractic adjustments, which after time was unable to relieve the pain to any comfortable degree. Surgery was the last thing that I wanted to consider, so cortisone injections and a number of inflammatory drugs were prescribed, all the time having to give up tennis, golf, and a number of other activities that I greatly enjoyed. About 2 months ago and after 10 years of temporary on and off relief sharp pains reoccurred and the sciatic nerve ache became extremely difficult to deal with. I started to develop a "needle" sensation in my buttocks and upper thigh during the night and it lasted until I drifted off into sleep. I heard about the Lordex Spine Institute of Madison so I decided to give it a try. I have been receiving the decompression therapy for about 7 weeks and I am happy to say the "needle" sensation I had been experiencing left entirely 2 weeks ago. In addition, I feel my back is much stronger and feels stable once again, allowing me to be much more active then prior to the treatments. I would whole heartedly recommend this treatment option to anyone who wants the avoid surgery or have tried all "other ways" to relive there lower back problems/pain without success.

-- Wayne H. 68
Madison, WI

After three cortisone injections, extensive physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments over a three year period with little or no relief in alleviating my lower back and leg pain, I found LORDEX. I was doubtful about the Lordex procedure. However, I must admit that it has greatly reduced my leg and back pain. I am grateful to Dr. Brockman for the positive outcome.

-- Peter R. 72
Waukesha, WI

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